Resolve your grief and regain your peace, passion for life and purpose

I teach people struggling with grief the right knowledge, tools, and processes to move forward and get their life back without spending years in pain and therapy.

Struggling with grief? Feeling stuck and lost?

• Do you have feelings of regret, guilt, or resentment?

• Are you struggling to focus, make decisions, make future plans?

• Do you feel overwhelmed by sadness?

• Are you looking for professional help?

Hi, I’m Ghulam.

I am a Grief Transformation Coach.

Did you know that there are over 40 life events that can leave you with feelings of loss and grief?

Grief occurs when anything comes to an end or there’s a change in a familiar pattern of behaviour.

Grief isn't just about people dying!

Unresolved grief can rob you of your capacity for happiness.

Handling grief isn't about being strong, keeping busy or just giving it time.

Grief is not only negative, it is cumulative.

To handle grief, you need to understand:

• what grief and unresolved grief are and how they can impact you

• the misinformation that can keep you stuck in grief for years

• the knowledge, tools, and processes needed

• the importance of having a resourceful mindset

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What My Clients Say

Natalie struggled with unresolved grief around work issues. She shares how working with Ghulam helped her to move forward.


Business Strategist and Performance Mentor

Vanessa was struggling with anticipatory grief after her mum was diagnosed with serious dementia. Listen to how Vanessa came to terms with the diagnosis and moved forward.


Business Strategist and Performance Mentor

Viren was feeling overwhelmed with emotional chaos and feeling heavy-hearted. Listen to how he recognized and handled his unresolved grief.


AI Architect

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