Handling Grief Testimonials

What clients say about working with Ghulam

Natalie struggled with unresolved grief around work issues. She shares how working with Ghulam helped her to move forward.


Business Strategist and Performance Mentor

Pascale was devastated by the loss of her husband. She shares how working with Ghulam helped her to handle her grief and regain her peace.


Retired Teacher

Vanessa was struggling with anticipatory grief after her mum was diagnosed with serious dementia. Listen to how Vanessa came to terms with the diagnosis and moved forward.


Confidence Coach | International Speaker

Viren was feeling overwhelmed with emotional chaos and feeling heavy-hearted. Listen to how he recognized and handled his unresolved grief.


AI Architect

Esther was struggling with the loss of a close friend under tragic circumstances and her sister.



Vinay was struggling after the loss of his mum and shares his grief journey and experience of working with Ghulam.


IT Consultant

Ghulam is a safe place and I have been comfortable to share things with her that I haven’t told anyone else. Her transparency has helped me open up and start my inner healing work that was long overdue. I wish I had found this programme years ago, but I’m so grateful I’ve been able to settle the conversations I wish I‘d had before, and have truly forgiven those who had upset me in the past. I know this will in turn help me serve those I am called to as a mentor, coach, therapist and teacher.


Teacher & Mentor

My dad died and I had such a hard time understanding my thoughts, reactions and emotions.

Working with Ghulam opened my eyes to the real causes of my pain. I have experienced tremendous improvement and healing in so many ways. She has provided not only accountability but skills to handle future trauma.

I cannot recommend working with Ghulam enough to anyone who is struggling with unaddressed and unidentified pain, trauma and other grief causing conditions.


Holistic Space Designer

If I had not taken this course with Ghulam I would still have trouble dealing with grief, whereas now after working with Ghulam I feel I have the tools to deal with life situations in a more positive way. I would recommend Ghulam to anyone who feels they need to move on from death, divorce or any loss such as health, career or faith.

Only thing left for me to say is: "Thank you Ghulam Fernandes. You really are a special lady, and I have no idea where I would be without you!"


Law Firm Office Clerk

Dad and mum died within 18 months of each other. I wasn’t openly grieving as I tend to internalise my emotions and give the appearance of remaining strong but inside I felt numb and empty.

I signed up to Ghulam’s 90 day programme and have learned new skills and tools for dealing with grief ,which has brought me peace and closure. If you want to live your best life, work with Ghulam.



I was at a bit of a dead end. I had tried talking therapies and CBT before, but with no long term benefits for me personally.

I was somewhat desperate to find a way out of my current situation which had, over time, worn down my optimism, joy for life, and even my faith. Ghulam’s passion and devotion to helping guide people through their current circumstances to build a brighter future for themselves is truly a blessing.

I can’t recommend her enough if you are someone who feels like there may be no light at the end of the tunnel, or if life is beginning to feel quite overwhelming and you feel trapped and unable to cope. She is so dedicated to what she does.

With Ghulam’s help and this programme, I now have confidence that I have what I need to work through painful loss in life, no matter what form it may take.


Senior Learning & Development Advisor

I had never heard of the Grief Recovery Method before. I had had counselling which helped to a certain extend but was interested to learn about tools that I could use after the sessions. I was pleasantly surprised that this method dealt with grief in a very methodical way and did in fact give me tools to use throughout the weeks but also to use once I had finished the course in many situations.

An unexpected benefit from doing the GRM was that of coming to some realisation about myself and how I deal with certain situations and people. These acknowledgments have been very helpful.

Ghulam was a great session leader, very calming and empathetic. I always felt safe sharing information with her and I always learnt something new after each session. I have already recommended the GRM to other people.



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